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FilmForge is a center for vocational training at Nu Boyana Film Studios licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. With FilmForge we train people in the skills the industry needs for film productions.

3 days ago


The Danny Lerner Memorial Theater in Nu Boyana hosted a screening evening of the 3 short films made by our interns during their internship program + the commercial of the Screenwriting Class
We must admit they are pure entertainment. We will try to make them enjoy some festival life before we introduce them to you. Stay tuned. And join the screenwriting class because you will not only write a full length script but you will write also a short script which if good enough - will be filmed.
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1 week ago


Ние написахме и заснехме нашия сценарий. А вие?

Screenwriting Class


Boris Takov as Private Jameson
Dimitria Dimitrova as Private McClane
Stoil Stoyanov as Private Gibson
Ivaylo Grancharov as General Goodwurd

Written and directed by
Alexander Yaneff

Director of Photography
Boris Stankov

Edited by
Simeon Mironov

Makeup and Hair
Dessy Velikova

Unit Production Manager
Teodora Duparinova

First Assistant Director
Jordan Tropchiev

Second Assistant Director
Simeon Mironov

Storyboard Artist
Svilena Georgieva

Sound Mixer
Dimitris Konstantinou-Hautecoeur

Boom Operator
George Nikolov

First Assistant Camera
Christofor Balabanov

Second Assistant Camera
Yasen Tzvetkov

Digital Image Technician
Simeon Mironov

Boris Manolov

Best Boy
Hristo Bonev

Key Grip
Desislava Stoyanova

Best Boy
Dragomir Arnaudov

Costume Supervisor
Diana Manolova

Costume Standby
Aleksandrina Vasileva

Lyubomir Balabanov

Production Assistant
Aleksandrina Vasileva
Dessy Velikova

Produced by
Ivaylo Grancharov
Dayana Handjieva
Alexander Yaneff

Special thanks to
B2Y Productions
Nu Boyana Film Studios
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1 week ago


Work desks at FilmForge. Christmas is knocking on the door. And in January: a Screenwriting Class ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago


A вие имате ли подобни шантави истории с такси?
Със сигурност имате. А представете си сега, че заснемат филм по тях. Би било супер!..... И може да се уреди! 😉

На 14.01.2019 започва първият СЦЕНАРЕН КЛАС на FilmForge с преподавател Симеон Венциславов (сценарист на "Посоки").
В класа ще се пишат късометражни, пълнометражни сценарии, изобщо ще се пише, пише, пише 😀 А накрая най-добрите късометражни сценарии ще бъдат заснети в Ню Бояна.

За повече информация - Screenwriting Class
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2 weeks ago


"Посоката, братче, посоката. Няма я. Изгубихме я."

Гледахте ли вече филма?
А посоката намерихте ли я?
А сценаристът разбрахте ли кой е?

Симеон Венциславов, ще води първия сценарен клас на FilmForge и ще ви научи как се пише сценарий за добър филм като своя "Посоки".

Класът започва на 14.01.2019г., а двама от кандидатите с най-добри истории ще получат стипендия - 50% от таксата за курса.
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"The direction, man, the direction. It's gone. We lost it."

Have you watched the movie yet?
And did you find your direction?
And did you find out who the screenwriter is?

Simeon Ventsislavov will teach in the first FilmForge Screenwriting Class and will show you how to write a script for a good movie like "Directions"

The class starts on January 14th, 2019 and two of the best stories from the application process will get a scholarship in the form of 50% discount of the tuition fee.
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