FilmForge is NuBoyanas vocational training center. It is designed to fast-track you onto a working crew by distilling and breaking down the essential skills you will need as a filmmaker. We offer three distinct courses during the year.

The first is a departmental breakdown led by an industry professional in that field. These courses last a week and within them, you will learn the key tools necessary for that particular calling. Once completing the course you will also be part of our crew database and your name will be circulated with the other department heads that are working in the studio.

The second is an intro to film course designed specifically for directors and actors. This course is led by a renowned filmmaker who will take you through the essentials of production. You will be taught and then given a chance to direct each scene based on the parameters of the script provided. This course lasts two weeks and is completely immersive.

The third offering is a master of film course. Here you will go through the entire process of production from pre to post and learn everything necessary to make a movie. You will be led by experts in each part of the production pipeline and come out with a short movie at the end of the course.

We sincerely hope you join us on your next filmmaking adventure. Please contact us with any questions and make sure you sign up for our mailing list to hear more about what’s going on.