JUNE, 2020 



Welcome to the second FilmForge Screenwriting Class with Simeon Ventsislavov in Nu Boyana Film Studios! 


Would you like your script to be filmed? Yes, it’s possible. This year under the guidance of Mr. Simeon Ventsislavov you will write a short film script, a feature film treatment and movie scenes for the actors from the Acting for Film Five Class with Bashar Rahal.


– 7 weeks – from June 22, 2020 to August 7, 2020.

– All the scripts, treatments and movie scenes written by the students will be in English.

You will learn how the script works. What is the structure of a script? What’s an act and what’s a sequence? What’s a scene, what’s an episode? What’s important to build a character? What should you know to write good dialogue? How should a script be properly formatted, etc, etc.

– Week 1 – you will get familiar with the screenwriting rules and you will write a short film script – up to 4 pages, 4 characters max, only 1 location. Later during the year the Filmmaking Class will film the best 3 short scripts from your class selected by Mr. Ventsislavov with the help of the Nu Boyana Development Department. In 2019 we filmed 3 short scripts from the first Screenwriting Class: “Biohazard” by Andrey Filipov, “Social Medea” by Stefania Stoynovska and “Sandman” by Boyana Tsvetkova. These movies now are being sent to some film festivals around the world.

– Week 2-6 – you will write a feature film treatment and film scenes for the actors from the Acting for Film Five Class with Bashar Rahal and you are going to have to work closely with the actors (in week 5-6) to write a scene that suits them.

– Week 7 – you will learn the secrets of the “pitching art” and how to present your screenplay to producers.

– The classes are held daily from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 19:10 at Nu Boyana Film Studios.

– During the training, the teacher will guide you and give you notes on the progress of your script writing.


Mr. Simeon Ventsislavov is a Bulgarian screenwriter with many national and international awards. 

As a Screenwriting student in the National Academy of Theatrical and Film Arts along with director Milko Lazarov, he starts writing his first full length script. Its name is “Nanook” and it wins the ScripTeast award for best screenplay from Central and Eastern Europe. 

Along with director Stefan Komandarev they start working on a new film under the working title “Compatibility”.

In а few years both of the screenplays turn into some of the critically acclaimed recent Bulgarian movies – “Directions” and “Agа” a.k.a. “Nanook”.

“Directions” was part of Cannes Film Festival 2017 official selection, and “Aga” premiered at the closing ceremony of Berlinale 2018. The movie won multiple awards including “Best Picture” at the Golden Rose Film Festival 2018. Nu Boyana Film Studios honored the movie with The Danny Lerner Award. “Aga” competed for Best Foreign Language Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards representing Bulgaria.

Mr. Ventsislavov’s latest film “Rounds” directed by Stefan Komandarev, won numerous awards including Best Actress at the Golden Rose Film Festival 2019 to Irini Jambonas.



– The course is open for candidates from Bulgaria and the world, above 16 years of age


– The candidates must send a ONE PAGE (in pdf-format) – not more – short story in English, which will be evaluated by the teacher. 


– The best 2 stories will get a SCHOLARSHIP in the form of 50% discount of the tuition fee.


– Send us your CV and cover letter to [email protected] 

Subject : Screenwriting class


– Tuition fee: 1,300 BGN.


– Application deadline: June 12, 2020