Meet Film Director Lyubomir Pechev – your mentor in “On the Set with FilmForge”

“Hello, everyone! I’m Lyubomir Pechev and I’ll be your mentor in “On the Set with FilmForge – A Workshop in Directing & Filmmaking“. I’ve graduated “Film and TV Directing” in the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA). At the moment I’m working as a Director in one of the biggest production companies in Bulgaria – B2Y, a Nu Boyana Film Company. I’ve made several short movies and at the moment I’m preparing my debut feature film”




1. When did you realize that cinema was the thing you wanted the most?

Thank God there was the VHS! At first I didn’t have the slightest idea how a movie was made and by whom. I started looking for information about my favorite actors, then directors, and then I got interested in the History of the Cinema. I started as a fan and afterwards I’ve become a director.

2. What’s the most important lesson that you’ve realized as a director?

In the beginning I didn’t know that the composing of a single shot could take that much time – the Director of Photography or the DOP sets the camera work while you’re instructing the actor and then there’s the make up. In fact it feels like the preparation takes forever but as soon as everything is ready, the result is always excellent.

3. What would be the biggest challenge for a Director?

The biggest challenge is to keep your chin up and not to be a quiter. In order to get things done, you have to be optimistic, dedicated, persistent. Not everyone can handle it.

4. Which was the most challenging day of your career?

I was working in France with an international team consisting of a Portuguese guy, a Swede sound person and a Spanish girl and we had to make a documentary about a Nigerian boy. The Nigerian didn’t speak any English, the Portuguese fell in love with the Spanish girl, the Swede had forgotten the sound equipment in the subway and I didn’t have a script. Somehow we made it!

5. Which one of the three would you rather choose – film, commercial or TV production?

Definitely making a film. That’s the biggest challenge.

6. Which one of your favorite movies would you direct if you had the chance to?

Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” , I guess. That was the first script I’ve read and before seeing the movie I had a completely different vision about it.

7. What will be your advice to the young filmmakers?

To be patient while seeking their source of inspiration.

8. What will be the best thing according to you about “On the Set with FilmForge – A Workshop in Directing & Filmmaking” you will be mentoring?

It will give precious knowledge that will serve as an experience for each of the participants in their career. Before I got into directing I applied for a script writing master class. I loved the experience, and after it finished I was pretty sure that I want to be a part of the cinema industry. The first thing I did was to quit my economics education. I also really hope that our workshop will give our students a lot of courage to think bravely about their future.

Lyubomir Pechev was interviewed by Alexander Yaneff, a.k.a Storm Breaker