Meet Simeon Ventsislavov – your teacher in Screenwriting  


Simeon Ventsislavov is a Bulgarian acclaimed screenwriter. Among his works are the scripts of “Aga” and “Directions”. Both of the films win the recognition of the critics and the audience and “…represent Bulgaria in festival programs (Berlin and Cannes respectively) where a Bulgarian movie hasn’t been selected for nearly 30 years”. We kindly invited Simeon Ventsislavov to teach students in the upcoming FilmForge Screenwriting class and proudly introduce him to his future students with the following interview:    


A short introduction of Simeon Ventsislavov?

A Man of Faith and Devotion 


How many scripts do you have to read before starting your first one?

It doesn’t matter. You need to write a few pages in the Book of Life before starting your first script. Of course, then you need to learn the basic rules of storytelling and in the end you can read scripts as much as you want. 


When does a storyteller become a screenwriter?

When he really sits down and starts writing. No inspiration. Pure work. Inspiration comes later. 


Which is the hardest part in creating a story?

To understand your story. It’s not enough to have good idea. You need to know how to shape it and that means you need to know what is your story about. You’ll be surprised how often people don’t really understand the core of their story. 


How many drafts does a script need to become a perfect one?

As much as you need it. I don’t really know what „a perfect script“ means. The good script is the one you throw in the trash bin. It means the script has been turned into a movie.


How many scripts do you have to write so you can learn how to write properly?

It’s better to find your own voice than to „write properly“. And it depends on you how many scripts you need to write to find it.  


Dialogues have an important role in screenwriting. What does it take to craft a perfect dialogue?

Not enough space and time to explain it here, but your dialogue in the script depends on the story you write. Sometimes you need more, sometimes less. In both cases – keep it simple. The same goes for the story itself – keep it simple as possible on a plot level and make it more complex on a level of theme and message. 


What will be the most important thing the students will learn from our upcoming “Screenwriting class”?

Writing scripts is difficult. There is no bad idea in general, but you need to find a right key to tell your story. Writing a good script is a matter of hard work and you don’t need to be disappointed if it’s not happening right away. Don’t stop until it works out. 


 Interview by Alexander Yaneff 


The Screenwriting Class starts on January 14, 2019 




– The course is open for candidates from Bulgaria and the world, above 16 years of age

– The candidates must send a ONE PAGE (in pdf-format) – not more – short story in English, which will be evaluated by the teacher.

– The best 2 stories will get a scholarship in the form of 50% discount of the tuition fee.

– Send us your CV and cover letter to [email protected] – Subject : Screenwriting class

– Tuition fee: 1,300 BGN.

– Application deadline: January 4, 2019 

– Application deadline: January 4, 2019