SUMMER, 2021 


The new class will have the same structure but the dates will be changed due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and the State of Emergency in Bulgaria.

May 20 – July 5, 2019

The class is 7 weeks long.


During the first 4 weeks there will be classes in:

Week 1: Screenwriting – 1 week, 4 academic hours a day or 20 hours in total, starting at 16:00, ending 19:10

Teacher: Lyubomir Pechev, film director, B2Y Productions

Week 2: Directing – 1 week, same schedule

Teacher: Lyubomir Pechev, film director, B2Y Productions

Week 3: Lighting – 1 week, same schedule

Teacher: Strahil Predov, Lighting Department, Nu Boyana Film Studios

Week 4: Camera – 1 week, same schedule

Teacher: Nikolay Petrov, director of photography, B2Y Productions


During the second part of the class there is practical training:

Week 5: Writing scripts and learning more about set decoration

Teacher: Lyubomir Pechev, film director, B2Y Productions

The 8 best scripts are selected by the teacher to be filmed – 4 of them should be shorts with no dialogue, and 4 of them should have dialogue.

The shorts are up to 4 pages, up to 4 characters and one location.

After the selection of the scripts, there is pitching sessions for directors. The 8 best pitches win the director’s chair. Directors of photography will be selected by the teacher in Camera who runs special tests with the students during his classes in Week 4.

The class, which is up to 16 students, is split in 2 groups by 8 people max and now they have to make films.

The students learn how to take equipment from the studio departments for their films.

Week 6: Group 1 makes two films and Group 2 makes two films. Each film is made in two working days during studio working time. Supervisors from Camera and Lighting Departments of Nu Boyana Film Studios observe and guide the process on daily basis.

Week 7: Same schedule as in Week 6.

On the last day the students return the equipment to the studio departments.

Post-production editing and sound are done by the students themselves after the training, out of the studio. We are giving 20 working days for post-production and then we screen the films in Danny Lerner Memorial Theater in Nu Boyana Film Studios and give the certificates to the students on a special screening ceremony.

Fee per student: BGN 1200

– 2 students will earn 50% scholarship and the fee for them will be BGN 600.

– If an intern from the Nu Boyana Film Studios Summer Internship Program is accepted in the class – the fee will be 25% off or BGN 900.

Thank you for the interest in our work!



The students apply with a short story up to 1 page.

The two best stories get the scholarship!

Deadline: N/A yet

Send your applications: CV, a cover letter and your story to [email protected]

Subject: Filmmaking Class