Danny Lerner Award Competition

The Danny Lerner Award is a special prize created in memory of filmmaker Danny Lerner.

Danny Lerner was the person who discovered Bulgaria as a filmmaking destination for Nu Image/Millennium Films and throughout the years helped local crews to exchange know-how with many international filmmakers – thus enabling them to deliver top class film services.

The Danny Lerner Award is given annually to talented directors and producers from all over the world so it can help them make their movies using various services at one of the leading film studios in Europe.

This year we will be giving away €50,000 of studio services to make your movie dream come true!

The award will be given by legendary director Martin Campbell


  • Submit a cover letter of who you are as a filmmaker
  • Submit a synopsis of the film
  • Submit 3-5 pages of the proof of concept of what you would like to film in one location.

Please combine all these files into a single PDF file to upload below.

Deadline: June 30 2022

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