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Production Design Course – January 2024

Production Design

Production design is one of the driving forces that has a tremendous impact on what the visuals of a movie will look like, it is the art of creating a film’s aesthetic through its set, and production designers are the architects of a film’s setting. They’re also the overall managers of the art department alongside their second-in-command, the film’s art director. They visualize the set pieces and scenery that will come together to create the mood of the film. If you want to learn more about how to strategize the script, how to scratch ideas for the style and location, and how it all works, join us at this course.

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Course: Production Design Course – January 2024
Duration: January 15, 2024 –
 January 26, 2024
Course Fee: € 750
Accommodation: € 500 (Optional)
Application - January 2024