JULY, 2020 



Welcome to ACTING FOR FILM FIVE in Nu Boyana Film Studios – the fifth edition of the FilmForge ACTING FOR FILM class.

Actor Bashar Rahal will have the pleasure to be your teacher and mentor during your journey in learning how to perform in front of a film camera. He will reveal to you many secretes and will guide you along the road of becoming a film actor the casting directors would like to hire.


ACTING FOR FILM FIVE starts on July 4 , 2020 and ends on August 30, 2020 – this is 9 weekends, divided into 3 modules (42 academic hours per module):

The first three weekends, July 4 – July 19, the students will work on a movie scene in Bulgarian or English.

During the second module, July 25 – August 9, all actors will be preparing a monologue in English.

In module 3, August 15 – August 30, the students will rehearse an original scene in English, written especially for them by the FilmForge Screenwriting Class. This is very precious for the actors because they will be the first to perform these scenes.

After the class is over it does not end for you. All actors will be invited to castings for the 6 short films which will be made during the Nu Boyana Film Studios Internship Program. The actors will have to compete with other actors in real casting situation and it will be interesting to see how many will win their auditions. But who knows? Perhaps the writes might have you in mind when they make their short scripts… In 2018 our interns made 6 films. In 2019 they made 8 films. So the actors will be invited to win a casting for the 2020 short movies. The scripts come from the screenwriting and the Filmmaking Classes and we send these films to film festivals around the world.

Start of the Class: July 4, 2020

Working time: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday.


Mr. Bashar Rahal is an actor and producer with a broad international career and over 80 movies and TV series to his name.

He is a graduate from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Mr. Rahal’s most resent Bulgarian titles include “Reunion” („Завръщане“), directed by Niki Iliev, “Revolution X: The Movie” (“Революция Х“), directed by Dimitar Gochev, “Attraction” (“Привличане”), directed by Martin Makariev and “All She Wrote” (“Нокаут”) directed by Niki Iliev.

Mr. Rahal was cast lately in the made in Nu Boyana Film Studios Netflix’s production “The Angel” by Ariel Vromen, “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” by Hector Vicens, “Security” with Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley and “Boyka: Undisputed” with Scott Adkins.



– The course is open for candidates from Bulgaria and the world, above 16 years of age


– The candidates must send a VIDEO MONOLOGUE (no matter how recorded): their own performance/interpretation of a monologue from a popular English language movie.  Please use wetransfer to send the video or send us a hidden YouTube link.


– A CV and a Cover Letter explaining why does the candidate would like to study acting for film with Mr. Rahal in FilmForge at Nu Boyana Film Studios.


– The video monologue, the CV and the Cover Letter must be sent to [email protected] 

Subject : Acting for Film Five


– Tuition fee: 1,300 BGN.


  • Application deadline: June 26, 2020