MARCH 26, 2018

Welcome to the new edition of the Acting for Film Class

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You will be trained by Velizar Binev - the teacher in Acting, Vanya Doneva and Luke Cousins in Acting for Film for 14 weeks, twice a week from 16:00 o'clock - 6 hours per day or 12 hours a week.

In the first and last weeks the student will also have 8 hours of "History of the Cinema" with Vanya Doneva and Casting with Luke. In total, this is 165 hours, of which 149 hours of acting and 16 hours of theory.

These hours include several individual activities with Velizar Binev, while during the rest of the time you are part of a group with five other actors. All 15 students are together only during the History of Cinema and Casting.

Casting classes will teach you how to behave during casting sessions, especially for films that are filmed in Nu Boyana and you will be featuring in our actors database. One of our actors from the first edition of the course has already found a place in the production with Nicolas Cage "211", which was shot earlier this year with us. So the chances are entirely in front of you and it all depends on your abilities, but also on the advantages the studio could offer.

In the first third of the course you will prepare a monologue in Bulgarian from a famous English-language film, the monologue is translated from the original English one. If the student is not Bulgarian, then his/her monologue will be in English.
In the second third of the course you will prepare the same monologue, but in the original English language. Again - if the student is not Bulgarian. he/she will prepare a second monologue in English. Each of your performances is recorded on a movie camera and analyzed by the teacher and so until the performance is perfect for your showreel.

In the last third of the course, at the discretion of the lecturer, you will be part of a scene from a famous English-language film with one or two of your colleagues from the class. The scene is also filmed every time and analyzed.

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