NOVEMBER 20 , 2017

Welcome to the American Accent for Film class

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Take your voice to the gym with JR Esposito! A strong "general American" accent is a must for any working non-native English speaking actor in film and television. Having that accent as a working skill makes every actor of the kind more desirable to casting agents across the globe. Every session of JR's 8 week/27 hours class will work towards improving your accent skills.

Week 1-5: from November 20 to January 12 (there is a big Christmas break between December 15 and January 7).
3-hour introductory class on the Monday of Week 1. All students attend.
Scheduled group classes continue that week with 4 groups/3 students per group to attend three times per week (Wed/Thu/Fri - Tuesdays off).
A shared reading event to be held on the last Monday of the first five weeks for 3 hours.
Student hours: 15 + 6

Week 6-8: from January 15 to February 2
Individual sessions with the 12 students. Students will come twice per week (Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri), The last two hours will be finals preparation and finals examination.
Student hours: 6

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